About Nordiq Alberta

Nordiq Alberta embodies the love of nature and active lifestyles.  We strive to create an environment that values equity, fairness, and transparency for all members whether they are trying to achieve the podium, sponsoring events, or skiing recreationally for lifelong health.  We are constantly looking for ways to innovate the sport in ways that maintain a sense of strong community and fun.

Our Principles
  1. To avoid bias and have fair and equitable selections, the Board of Nordiq Alberta will require clear selection guidelines be established, and the Board will make the final decision.
  2. The Board of Nordiq Alberta will strive to support and encourage clubs to have programs delivered at the club level, by the club members. Where specific needs and/or economic numbers and/or fiscal need exists, programs will be delivered at the regional level, via regional qualified individuals, and again at the provincial level where needs, numbers and or fiscal reasons exist via provincial qualified individuals.
  3. Nordiq Alberta is committed to listening to our membership
Our Values
  1. Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Partnerships, Excellent Service, Learning and Growth are valued and demonstrated throughout our organization.
  2. All people have the right and are encouraged to participate in cross-country skiing.
  3. Sporting excellence should be achieved through fair play, ethical and moral behavior.
  4. Participation in cross-country skiing contributes to a healthier lifestyle and feelings of well being.
  5. The roots of cross-country skiing are founded in an inherent love of outdoor experiences in nature.
Our Responsibilities
  • Interface with external partners (Alberta Sport Connection/Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR), AIAWCS, Nordiq Canada, Winsport)
  • Raise funds for Association functions and programs
  • Partially subsidize and operate the Alberta Ski Team, including selection, coaching, training opportunities, and competitions
  • Provide liability insurance coverage for all programs, leadership, coaching, facilities, and trail preparation for clubs and members through Nordiq Canada.
  • Provide a current insurance certificate
  • Develop and maintain the Nordiq Alberta Athlete Development Model
  • Program design, delivery, and facilitation
  • Develop leader training programs
  • Run training courses for coaches and leaders
  • Promote and coordinate the Skills Development Program for member clubs
  • Run training courses for officials
  • Coordinate the provincial race calendar
  • Event sanctioning
  • Coordinate the Alberta Cup Series
  • Provide internal communication (Nordiq Alberta website, Nordic News, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Direct link to division personnel, helping with club operations through guidance, knowledge sharing, and expert advice
  • Negotiate discounts on winter tire purchases and other services that save our members money
  • Issue tax receipts for donated funds
  • Maintain a charitable registration number for the purpose of making joint grant applications