Benefits of membership

As the provincial governing body for cross country skiing in Alberta, it is our promise to represent and advocate for our members whenever applicable. We are constantly seeking to improve our service to you and as such encourage you to reach out to our office with questions, concerns, and suggestions.

What we do for you

  • Governs and administer the Association
  • Interfaces with external partners (Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR), Winsport)
  • Raises funds for Association functions and programs
  • Partially subsidizes and operates the Alberta Ski Team, including selection, coaching, training opportunities, and competitions
  • Provides liability insurance coverage for all programs, leadership, coaching, facilities, and trail preparation for Clubs and Members through Nordiq Alberta.
  • Provides a current insurance certificate.
  • Develops and maintains the Nordiq Alberta Athlete Development Model
  • Program design and delivery/facilitation – camps, seminars, etc.
  • Develops leader training programs, and runs training courses for Coaches and Leaders
  • Promotes and coordinates the running of the Jackrabbit program for member clubs
  • Runs training courses for Officials
  • Coordinates the provincial race calendar
  • Event sanctioning
  • Coordinates the Alberta Cup Series
  • Provides internal communication (Nordiq Alberta Web Site, Nordic News, weekly e-mails)
Our Objectives
  1. To support the CCA Member Clubs, by providing timely service (Administration & Information), assistance, and sanctioning-endorsement of events and programs.
  2. To foster excellence in leadership by developing, maintaining, and enhancing our Board, Committee, Coaches, Leaders, Officials, and Volunteer personnel.
  3. To develop, maintain, and continuously improve a skier/athlete development system that ensures an adequate level of skiers at all levels (recreational and competitive), to ensure the existence and further development of programs and services offered and/or endorsed by CCA, whereby the benefits flow towards the Alberta Ski Team. This also enables CCA to enhance active lifestyles and fitness, which contributes to the overall well being of all Albertans.
  4. To maintain and promote a high performance program with an emphasis on the Alberta Ski Team and a Development Squad, for the purposes of high-end competitions such as the Provincial & National Championships, World Championship Trials and Canada Winter Games. The benefits of this program should also reciprocate to the skier/athlete development program.
  5. Governance – To encourage member participation in the governance of the association (responsiveness) and to foster an efficient and effective association in partnership with all stakeholders (i.e. Member Clubs, ASRPWF, Staff, and Volunteers), by effectively and efficiently managing the activities and resources.
  6. To promote cross country skiing as an accessible sport and recreational activity for all Albertans.
    Integrating our leadership development programs with special populations programming (i.e. women, AADS, Special Olympics, etc.)
    • Making our programs accessible to schools throughout Alberta.
    • Public and media relations through effective marketing and human resource planning.
  7. To promote the ongoing development of youth programs through effective leadership development, efficient materials distribution, by creating various forums for sharing of ideas between youth programs throughout Alberta, and by continuously trying to improve the information resources being distributed to clubs for youth program development
Membership Fees

Your valued membership fees allow Nordiq Alberta to complete a comprehensive set of programs and initiatives, including:

  1. Securing government and private funding
  2. Athlete bursaries
  3. Coaching and official development
  4. Support for smaller clubs
  5. Promoting the cross-provincial racing series
  6. Improving trail access as well as increased trail creation
  7. Support Spirit North in their work with First Nation communities
  8. Initiating a Para-Nordic Development program
  9. Improved services for recreational skiers
  10. Downloadable templates for Safe Sport