Our Celebrated Provincial Team

Meet our teams! The Alberta Ski Team and Alberta Development Ski Team are made up of the fastest young skiers in Alberta who have proved their talent in provincial, national, and international race circuits.

Curious how you could join one of our teams? Be sure to check out the 2020/2021 selection criteria for the Alberta Development Ski Team and Alberta Ski Team!

2021/2022 Alberta Ski Team Athletes:

Luke Fricker

Michah Steinberg

Owen Pimm

Sebastien Parent

Isobel Hendry

Natalie Thain

Jill Stephen


2020/2021 Alberta Ski Team Athletes

Xavier McKeever
Tom Stephen
J.P. Cummings
Owen Pimm
Luke Fricker
Michah Steinberg
Sam Ree
Francois Gauthier
Anna Pryce
Isobel Hendry
Alison Gartner
Natalie Thain
Jill Stephen
Nicole Gammie
Tabitha Williams

2020/2021 Alberta Development Ski Team Athletes:

Noah Weir-Chaba
Theo Fradette
Lukas Seubert
Kai Perron
Matthew Cook
Benjamin Dregger
Aiden Armstrong
Kase Repp
Luke Holshof
Rowan Hann
Ben Field
Jonas Rolseth
Sabine Comeau
Isabel McLurg
Alison Mackie
Anna Marino
Heidi Bryant
Amelia Ray
Elliot Savin
Kaisa Lemyre
Leanne Gartner
Lucia Baergen
Amelia Custodio
Leah Fradette