Board and Staff Updates

by Nordiq Alberta

Nordiq Alberta would like to thank each and every member who attended our Annual General Meeting last Saturday Without your support we would have been unable to make important decisions to help guide our organization forward and continue to support the sport of cross country skiing in Alberta. Among these decisions were some changes to our Board of Directors without whom many of our operations would cease to exist. Serving on the Board is an incredible amount of work and is often a thankless task. Over the past season, our Board of Directors have continued to work tirelessly to support and guide our staff as we navigated the new waters of physical activity during a global pandemic.

We would like to take a moment to thank each of our board members for their dedication and service as well as welcome new and returning board members for the upcoming season. First, Nordiq Alberta would like to thank our past Chairs Chris Reitz and Jo-Anne Wolach for their countless hours of volunteerism to ensure staff were equipped with all the tools to carry out their duties. Chris was instrumental in helping lead the shift from an operational board to a governance board – a task that was not easy nor short of work. Jo-Anne was another key member who led this shift and spent an incredible number of hours rewriting and reformatting policies, educating board members, and towards the end of the fiscal year resuming her duties as interim Chair of the board. We are also excited to announce that Stephanie Chretien Lemyre of Canmore will be stepping into the position as Chair effective immediately. Over the past year, Stephanie has worked intimately with the Board of Directors as our governance consultant and brings with her a vast knowledge of both the sport and effective governance.

Nordiq Alberta is sad to say goodbye to the following board members, all of whom have provided extensive knowledge and support during their terms: Mike Norton, Anthony Killick, and Isobel Hendry. These board members worked closely with staff to ensure the success of projects such as Frozen Thunder, revised policies, more streamlined processes for race bids, and the Kananaskis Parking Pilot Project. Lastly, we have to say goodbye to Isobel who has spent the last two years as our athlete representative. Her knowledge of current needs in the sport as well as rapport among her fellow athletes made her an incredible advocate for Alberta Athletes.

Although we have to say goodbye to some, it also allows us to welcome a new set of competent and eager board members to continue the legacy of those before them. Please join us in welcoming Angelika Goncalves DaSilva, Matt DeCarufel, Curtis MerryGraeme Thain and Justin Kangarloo to the 2021/22 Board of Directors. We are excited to spend the next season closely working with this diverse team of knowledgeable individuals as they join our current board members: Jeanie Godfrey, Nick Khorin, and Anne Bradley. Joining our team as Athlete Representative is Micah Steinberg. He is a cross country ski athlete based out of Canmore, Alberta and skiing for Foothills Nordic Ski Club.


Finally, there are a few changes to staffing that we would like to announce to our membership. Effective at the end of July, Idan Wolach will be stepping down from his position as Program and Communications Coordinator to pursue a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Taking his place will be Gabriela Nef Ojeda who has returned from a two year leave of absence in the United Kingdom.