Nordiq Alberta News

Nordiq Alberta is Back!

by Nordiq Alberta Staff

After a brief hiatus from running camps, Nordiq Alberta is back and happy to announce that over the month of August we were able to provide three separate training opportunities for athletes from around the province.

Starting with our Alberta Ski Team members, Provincial Coach Ivan Babikov worked with Winsport’s Mike Norton to administer technique sessions using the rollerski treadmill at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Athletes enjoyed their one-on-one sessions where they had the opportunity to work on technique and endurance with immediate feedback. Issy Hendry, one of our returning AST members, said the following: “The rollerski treadmill really helped me see my technique and receive instant feedback from my coach to try new strategies to improve my technique. I can continue using these strategies and implement these changes throughout the summer and winter to continually improve my technical skiing.”

Next, we moved north to Edmonton where members of the Alberta Development Ski Team and other strong athletes from the region came together for a weekend day camp. Sessions included both classic and skate rollerskis as well as ski bounding and strength. It is always such a joy working with Alberta’s up and coming talent, and this weekend was no exception. The effort put into each and every training session by all the athletes made for a great return to larger (yet still physically distanced) training sessions.

To conclude the month of August, we headed back south this time to Bragg Creek where the remaining members of our Alberta Development Ski Team joined up for a similar weekend to their counterparts up north. Armed with smiles, snacks, and an eagerness to train, our athletes demonstrated their athleticism and perseverance during uncertain and unprecedented times.

As an organization dedicated to lifting athletes and the sport of cross country skiing in Alberta to new heights, we are thrilled that we were able to provide a handful of training opportunities to our membership and can’t wait to continue through the fall and winter.