Become a race official

The success of Nordiq Alberta events rely on generous contributions from many individuals, and officials are no exception. Without them, we would not be able to host the many races and recreational events that take place across the province each season. We are committed to reducing the barriers to progressing through the training levels through grant funding.

How to Become an Race Official

Becoming a Level 1 official is easy and free. Simply create an account in the Nordiq Canada Officials Training Centre, and then click “Nordiq Canada Officials Level 1 Online Certification.”

Level 1 certification allows you to do individual tasks at races under the supervision of an experienced Chief. Level 1 online training includes eight sections, each one taking 30-40 minutes. Take all the time you want. Your success is our success in gaining new trained volunteers.

If online training is not your style, contact Nordiq Alberta to register for an in-person course.

Officials Registry

When you complete the course, you will sign up in the Officials Registry. The date in the Registry tells Nordiq Canada who is officiating and their level of training and helps identify trends to provide the services you need.

Officials Level 2 Course Schedule

Upcoming Officials Courses can be found HERE. If you are hosting an event and wish to host an Officials Level 2 Course, please reach out to the Nordiq Alberta office. Check back later for updates