Coaching Development

Nordiq Alberta recognizes that athletes are only as strong as their coaches. To help facilitate the training of high-quality coaches, Nordiq Alberta has partnered with the Coaching Association of Canada to offer National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) courses, a coach training and certification program offered across 65 sports. The program is managed in a database called The Locker. Coaches use The Locker to track their progress and guide their development. 

Coaching Course Opportunities

Nordiq Alberta is proud to hold our coaches to a standard recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada. In order to be a registered coach in Alberta, coaches must meet the minimum coaching requirements set by Nordiq Canada.

Nordiq Alberta is currently developing the 2020/2021 coaching course schedule. More information to come.

Coach Development Progression

At Nordiq Alberta, we understand the importance of taking ownership of your coaching development. To learn more about the next step in your training, please visit Nordiq Canada.

Training and Certification

When progressing through your coaching development, you may notice different statuses in The Locker: in training, trained, and certified.

A coach in training must complete some or all modules in a course. Once a coach has completed all necessary modules for a given course, they are awarded the status trained.

Coaches who have completed all necessary modules and evaluation requirements will be awarded the status certified. Certified coaches must accumulate professional development points to maintain their certified status.