Race license requirement

To compete in certain races, skiers need race licenses. Race licenses allow skiers to be seeded in races and included in ranking lists.

Nordiq Canada Race License

To compete in nationally sanctioned races, you need a Nordiq Canada Race License or a Supporting Member Day License (application available in the Document Centre). Depending on the athlete’s age and nationality, costs range from $25 to $65.

Year of birth and race distances define race categories. Race categories are based on the Competition Model, available in the Document Centre.

Athletes born between 2000 and 2005 are eligible for the World Junior Championships; athletes born between 1997 and 1999 are eligible for the World Under 23 Championships.

Athletes with a Visual Impairment Using a Guide

Visually impaired athletes with a Nordiq Canada Race Licence must also purchase a guide license. The guide license is transferable between the athlete’s guides; to be valid, each guide must sign a waiver at his or her first race of the season. If the regular and only guide of the athlete has a Nordiq Canada Race License, the athlete does not need to purchase the guide license.

FIS Race License

To receive FIS points, athletes need a Nordiq Canada Race License and a FIS license. You can verify that your FIS license has been activated on the FIS website.

To be eligible for FIS points, athletes must include their Nordiq Canada Race License and their FIS license numbers when registering for events. If you forget to include your license numbers when you register for a race, you will need to pay a fee to have your license numbers added to official race results lists.

IPC Race License

To compete in IPCNS races, para-nordic athletes and guides need a Nordiq Canada Race License and an IPCNS license.

If you have been IPCNS licensed before, simply contact us and we can apply for you in the IPCNS online licensing system. If you have not been IPCNS licensed before, you must complete the IPCNS Eligibility Code Form, available in the Document Centre, and then contact us to complete the process.