Safe Sport

Nordiq Alberta adheres to Safe-Sport recommendations made by Nordiq Canada in order to guarantee safety and respect for all of our members. As new information becomes available to Nordiq Alberta, it will be adopted and distributed to clubs to assist in their Safe-Sport policies. If you have been a victim or witness to harassment or discrimination, you can contact the Canadian Sport Helpline for help.

Nordiq Alberta Safe-Sport Policies and resources

Nordiq Alberta is committed to creating safe and inclusive sport environments for all involved – environments free from abuse, discrimination and harassment. Nordiq Alberta demonstrates this commitment through its Safe Sport Framework, a program that includes policy, prevention, response and reporting and education components. (Regular program evaluation enables Nordiq Alberta to incorporate newly available codes of conduct and industry best practices.) By sharing its safe sport model with member clubs, Nordiq Alberta facilitates and supports the implementation of a standardized framework among member organizations. Safe and inclusive environments support all members in achieving their ski goals and being Active for Life.

If you have concerns about a potential incident of abuse, harassment or discrimination, contact:

The Canadian Sport Helpline: 1-888-83-SPORT (77678), ,

If recommended contact:

Nordiq Canada’s independent third-party complaint receiver, Mr. Brian Ward: .

Please note: Major issues do not include appeals regarding team selection. Additionally, major issues should first go through the Canadian Sport Helpline and/or the division office to ascertain the level of concern.


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