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Nordic News January 15th 2021

Revised Race Calendar
Over the last few weeks, Nordiq Alberta has been working closely with the Organizing Committees of our Alberta Cups to develop a revised calendar. As case numbers decline in Alberta, we hope that restrictions will ease enough for us to host our events safely.  Please see a revised schedule below:

February 20-21 Alberta Cup 1/2/&3 (Formerly 7/8/&9) Fort MacMurray
February 26-27 Alberta Cup 4/5 (Formerly 3/4) Canmore
March 6-7 Alberta Cup 6/7 (Formerly 5/6) Red Deer
March 27-28 Alberta Cup 8/9 (Formerly 1/2) Canmore

Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this challenging time.



Annual Club Fundraiser – Ski Local, Support Local
Last year we celebrated over $200,000 raised for our annual club fundraiser. This year we’ll Ski Local, Support Local as more Canadians than ever before are heading to their local ski trails to experience the welcoming nature of cross-country skiing.  The goal of this year’s campaign is to raise $250,000 in support of cross-country skiing across Canada by the close of March 19, 2021. 95% of funds raised by clubs will go back to their local projects.

Annual Club Fundraiser Invitation- Ski Local, Support Local
Application to Participate in the Annual Club Fundraiser
Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Request Form



Non-Refundable Nordiq Canada Membership Fee
Nordiq Canada considered whether the membership fee should be refundable in these exceptional times. Because services provided for the membership fee have continued throughout the pandemic, and even more services have been added, the fee will remain non-refundable. Please read more about the services available to clubs and Divisions here.



Weekly Workout Challenge
In the next 6 weeks, our very own Robin McKeever will be demonstrating 2 workout adaptations and providing some hot technical tips for skiers alike! Each week, we ask our athletes, coaches and clubs to post pictures doing the workout and tag @nordiqcanada #nordiqcanada for a chance to win some Nordiq Swag!⁣

How to Participate:⁣
1. Watch the videos each week⁣
2. Try the workout⁣
3. Take a pic⁣

More information here.



Nordic Distance Challenge
In partnership between Nordiq Canada and Biathlon Canada, we challenge you to track distanced skied in order to become Canada’s distance skiing champion. This challenge is open to all members of Nordiq Canada and Biathlon Canada and will begin Monday, January 11 and run for 7 weeks until Sunday February 28, 2021. Participants will be able to register at starting this Saturday January 9, 2021 with the challenge going live Monday. All participants will be eligible for weekly draw prizes and total kilometers skied leaders will be award prizing after weeks 3, 5 and 7, with the overall champion winning a Fluoro-Free wax gift basket from Swix Canada! Throughout the Challenge there will be leaderboards to track your ranking by age, gender and total overall accumulation. Participants can upload from their preferred GPS tracking devices directly to the Zone4 site where their daily, weekly or monthly totals will accumulate. It is possible to manually enter distances skied “on your honour” but to be eligible for prizing the distances must be verified by a GPS device.
Good luck Members!

Register here.



iSKI Coop Mini World Cup Competition App – Jan 15 to May 5, 2021

This app/program/challenge ties in intimately with our Jackrabbit and Track Attack program objectives, offering developmentally appropriate challenges to young Canadian skiers! Nordiq Canada sees this as a fun and motivating tool for not only getting in more time on skis, but also having skiers share their progression with their parents and friends. Participants can track their cross-country-activity and collect pins to compare their performance across relevant disciplines with friends and fellow skiers across the globe. The App is available for iOS and Android. Visit the link for more details.

How to participate:
• Download the Coop Mini World Cup App for iOS and Android
• Checkout your global ranking and compare to friends
• Track your snow activity to get stats
• Have fun!