Nordiq Alberta News

Nordic News January 22nd, 2021

Aurora Heat Partnership

Tired of pesky cold hands and feet while out on your favorite skis? We’re pleased to offer the Nordiq Alberta community 15% off Aurora Heat™ natural and reusable fur warmers—an effective, sustainable and environmentally-conscious alternative to single-use, chemical and battery operated hand/foot warmers!

Fun Fact: The ROI of Natural Warmth!

  • A box of 40 single-use chemical warmers costs $51.00 for 400 hours of warmth (40 x 10hours).

  • A pair of natural and reusable hand warmers that never run out of warmth costs $49.99 for over 43,680 hours of warmth (8760 hours x 5 years!).

Visit to learn more about this Northern Indigenous company and their natural warmth alternatives! Use discount code NORDIQ15 for 15% off your first order.



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